At Cherish Creative we believe communication is the key to creating your perfect website.

We put it together for you, but YOU are the key! A good starting point… What does your business actually do? Understanding who you are, exactly what you do and what you want to achieve will help Cherish Creative to design and build a visually appealing, fully functional and easily navigated website.

What do you want your perfect website to accomplish? What’s your primary goal for the site? Quote requests, sales, bookings, more memberships or an increase in brand awareness might be a start. Maybe your perfect website will be used to educate your audience, encourage sales, collect email addresses and build a list, encourage onsite or social media interaction? Have a think about what YOU want from a site, what makes up Your Perfect Website.

It’s Your Vision, It’s Your Page, but Cherish Creative want to know… What makes YOU remarkable? What makes your product or company unique? What makes you stand out? What do you think is your best first impression? What’s your best sell? This information can be the difference between success and failure. We need to be able to bundle your strengths and present them up front, ensuring clients don’t skip past your site.

Are you the cheapest? Or do you have the best customer service? Do you supply something exclusively? Do you simply have the best quality product around? Is your service super fast or do you offer free delivery? Cherish Creative want to know ALL about you and what it means to you to have your perfect website.

Have a look around the web. What websites do you like and why? What attracts you to them? Colour? Visual ease? Functionality? Don’t just think about your competitors sites BUT any site that you have seen that you like SOMETHING about. And on the flip side, what sites DON’T you like and why?

Who exactly are your customers? What do they need/want from YOU or your business? What can WE help them with? What might your PERFECT customer be looking for? What problem of theirs can we SOLVE? It’s important that our designs communicate your strengths.

Then take the time to put some thought into what features you would like your perfect website to have?
You may love how something works on another website, or have heard of a stand out feature for your site? Not all features are standard for websites everywhere, so let us know if you are considering any of these features:
A shopping cart
Social media implementation
Email collection and email marketing capability
A blog or news feed
Event Calendar
Photo galleries
Onsite videos
A slider banner
A mobile friendly site
The ability for people to leave comments
A quick contact form, quote request or booking form

Cherish Creative will need to know if you have a logo, colour scheme or any existing identity branding or styling? Logos, brochures, old websites and posters are just SOME of the things that might be tucked away. And yes, we need to see it!

When do we start? Contact Cherish Creative here.